Support Cassimir Svigelj for Ohio House of Representatives – Fall 2018

After high school in Berea, I attended Cleveland State University where I graduated with a degree in Political Science while consistently working a full time job throughout. The reality for most college students is that we are piling up massive amounts of student debt and entering a workforce market without the skills that companies desire. If we are going to grow the Ohio economy, we can’t have an entire generation straddled with crushing debt. We need to foster growth and development of our young people in the district.

My fiancée and I moved to Rocky River in 2015, and we fell in love with the city. That’s why I want a better future for it. I want to spend the rest of my life here and continue to fight for clean air, clean water, great schools, great opportunities, and great people.

Cassimir lists his priorities on his web site as:

For more information about Cassimir Svigelj and his campaign please visit his web site, You will find his platform, events, news, and links to donate and volunteer.