Learn about Lake Erie Pollution: Participate in Panel Discussion April 4


A special opportunity for participants in this year’s Cleveland International  Film  Festival will occur on April 4.  After the 4:50 PM screening of The Erie Situation, an in-person panel discussion  will  be held with the film’s director, David Ruck, and other members of the filmmaking team.   The Erie Situation explores the problems of toxic algal blooms in Lake Erie and delves into the reasons why nutrient runoff from confined animal feeding operations continues to pollute Lake  Erie and cause the blooms.  Many Ohio residents  assume that the Ohio Environmental Protection  Agency  is taking care of the problem.  The film explains why that assumption is false and what needs to happen if we are to protect the lake and the people who depend on it.  If you  are concerned about the health of the lake and the quality  of your drinking water, then you should see the film  and attend the panel discussion.

There is no charge for the panel discussion but space is limited to 50 people.  The discussion will be held in the Stream/Gund Chat Room located in the Idea Center adjacent to the Allen Theater.  The discussion will  begin at approximately 6:35 PM.  For tickets to see the film, go to www.clevelandfilm.org.  Please spread the word!!!