Sept. 25: How Aquarium Fish Contribute to the Success of Rainforest Conservation

Several of guppy in aquarium. Selective focus with shallow depth of field.

Guppies, popular tropical fish kept in fishtanks.

You may never have thought about aquarium fish as agents of rainforest conservation but Nick Zarlinga has. Nick, a keeper at the Cleveland Metroparks Zoo, has been working with a group of Brazilians who harvest small, Amazonian fishes for the aquarium trade. The money derived from this enterprise supports families and encourages them to protect the rainforest, which is essential to the health of the rivers that produce the fish. Learn more about how our purchases of aquarium fish can contribute to the success of this Brazilian conservation effort by attending a presentation by Nick on September 25, 7:15 PM at the Brooklyn branch of the Cuyahoga Co. Library (4480 Ridge Road, Brooklyn). The prersentation is sponsored by the Rainforest Committee of the NEO Sierra Club. For more details, contact Michael Melampy at 440-263-6483.