DOE Grant A Victory for Offshore Wind in Cleveland

Ohio Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur on May 27 announced that “Cleveland’s Wind Project qualifies for a [U.S. Department of Energy (DOE)] grant of $40 million in additional funds” to construct turbines on Lake Erie, “unlocking the tremendous offshore wind energy potential of the Great Lakes, which represents 20 percent of the United States’ total offshore wind energy capacity.”

Fred Olsen Renewables, the largest independent power producer in the United Kingdom and the fifth largest in Europe, is expected to raise the remaining $70 million. Fred Olsen Renewables is enthusiastic about the upcoming collaboration.

This exciting project began in 2006 as a citizen initiative, named Windustrious Cleveland. As a longtime resident of the city, I have deep respect and affection for its industrial core, and regret that much of it is now underutilized. Ten years ago I realized that, a few miles offshore on Lake Erie, there were strong steady winds that could be used as a clean source of power. In doing so, Cleveland could create a new manufacturing center, involving the building, installing and maintaining of wind turbines. Many people, with a variety of skills, would find rewarding work. On top of that, such an installation would be the first offshore wind farm in fresh water in the world. Our city would take on a leadership position.

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