November/December 2015 Newsletter:

Prevent Plastic Bags From Washing Down the Drain

Sick of finding plastic bags filled with advertisements piling up in a soggy mess at the end of your driveway or on your tree lawn? Did you know that you can usually opt out of delivery?

For ShopCLE bags delivered within the Plain Dealer’s delivery areas, here’s how you can stop delivery to your property:

Call 1-888-440-4216 or visit

For other free advertising circulars, you can usually find an opt-out option printed somewhere on the material.

If you do continue to receive them, deliveries of these materials should be placed in your driveway, at least three feet up from your sidewalk, and picked up regularly. Ad bags left by the curb can wash out to the storm grates and into our rivers and streams, eventually flowing into Lake Erie.

If you’d like to report a block or delivery area where deliveries have become a nuisance, report pile-ups at vacant houses, tell us about your opt-out experience, or send pictures of ad bags littering your neighborhood, send us your concerns here.