NEOSC Summer Get-Together Aug 23-24:

NEO Sierra Club’s Response to Passage of SB 310

By Anne Caruso, NEOSC Fracking Chairperson

Passage of SB 310 was a blow to the environmental progress Ohio has been making since adopting the state’s modest clean energy and conservation standards in 2008. It gives Ohio the unfortunate distinction of being the only state to step backwards from their renewable energy standards. The law freezes the standards for 2 years and calls for a commission to study the necessity for these standards.

A clause in the law calling for contracts for renewable energy in Ohio to be null and void if the state ever changes its standards in the future is particularly troubling. It is a death knell for renewable energy companies doing business in Ohio. In order to make legislators accountable for voting for this terrible bill, the NEO Sierra Club is distributing a flier in each of the districts where legislators voted for SB 310. The flier explains who voted for SB 310 and what that vote means for clean air, water, and a livable planet.

Stay tuned for where and when we will be distributing the fliers and how you can help!