July/Aug 2014 Newsletter:

A Sincere Thanks to SB 310 Opponents

By Andi Whitaker, NEO Communications Committee Chair

On June 13, Ohio became the first state in the nation to roll back a clean energy law. The majority in the Ohio House and Senate and Gov. Kasich stood with big utility lobbyists over Ohio citizens when they signed into law Senate Bill 310.

David Scott, National Sierra Club’s board president and Columbus resident, commented, “[t]his reckless step backward gives Ohioans fewer energy choices, fewer jobs, and dirtier air… As even Lake Erie shows adverse impacts from climate disruption, as respected scientific bodies warn we must cut carbon pollution now, this is grossly irresponsible.”

Sierra Club members fought to halt SB 310, delivering thousands of calls, letters, and emails in opposition. Working with other groups and citizens, we made so many phone calls that Gov. Kasich’s voicemail was filled for days. Activists, ordinary folks, made their voices heard.

The repeal of our renewable energy standards is a step back for Ohio. But while SB 310 is a setback, everyone who took the time to make a call, send an email, write a letter, or provide testimony helped to build a movement. Through our combined efforts, we can continue fighting for clean energy and clean air in Ohio. Click here to send a message to Gov. Kasich and the Legislature expressing your disappointment with their decision.

Thank you all for your activism.