November/December 2013 Newsletter:

Northeast Ohio Sierra Club Endorses Candidates for November 5 General Election

Sierra Club’s long history of activism includes political support for environmentally progressive elected officials.  A Sierra Club endorsement recognizes a candidate’s strong history of leadership on environmental issues, and backs the candidate’s commitment to environmental causes.  By endorsing elected officials at the local level, Sierra Club seeks to encourage local leadership in the implementation of conservation and sustainable strategies, as well as to communicate to our members which candidates demonstrate a track record for, and show the greatest potential for, harmonizing our cities and communities with nature.  Northeast Ohio Sierra Club, in coordination with the Ohio Chapter of Sierra Club, is proud to endorse the following candidates for office in the upcoming General Election on November 5:

Laura Gorshe for Euclid City Council Ward 8

Currently a City of Euclid Planning & Zoning Commissioner, Candidate Gorshe brings with her experience in greenspace planning and sustainable energy partnerships, and a vested community interest in improving Euclid’s stormwater infrastructure.

Nicole Dailey Jones for North Olmsted City Council President

Councilwoman Jones has and pledges to continue to work hard to increase the efficiency of public transportation options in the outer ring suburbs, and to bring in financial support for brownfield redevelopment.

Sean Brennan for Parma City Council President

Councilman Brennan’s support for watershed stewardship organizations such as the West Creek Conservancy and Friends of Big Creek have paved the way for some of the region’s most impressive and ambitious restoration projects and educational opportunities.

Larry Napoli for Parma City Council Ward 6

Councilman Napoli, who has headed City of Parma’s Environmental Standards Committee for the past ten years, has been instrumental in advocating for a federally funded neighborhood-level raingarden project protecting West Creek.

Michael P Byrne for Parma Heights Mayor

With his “Greening of Parma Heights” initiative, Mayor Byrne has worked tirelessly to improve the city’s waste programs and to bring in grant money for creating and connecting greenspace, planting trees, and improving transportation options within the city.

Susan Infeld for University Heights Mayor

Mayor Infeld is actively engaged in a number of regional efforts to reduce solid waste, increase multimodal transportation options, introduce greenspace to her community, prioritize land use, and improve air and water quality.


The Northeast Ohio Sierra Club Political Committee is looking for members who are interested in joining the committee and/or volunteering their support for one of our candidates.  Committee members may work with endorsed candidates during their campaigns and while in office, and take part in the endorsement process for future elections.  Volunteers may contribute in any number of ways to promote our candidates and environmental issues, including phone banking, flyer distribution, writing letters to the editor in support of candidates, hosting campaign parties, or bringing food or drinks to campaign or volunteer events.  We are especially looking for members who reside in candidate districts.  This is a great way to get involved in local politics and make sure that our issues receive attention!  If interested, please contact NEO Sierra Club Political Chair Jessica Ferrato via email.