March/April Newsletter:

Our New Urban Agriculture Committee

by Pat McKenna

Our new Urban Agriculture committee, formed this year as a result of the wonderful presentation by Kim Foreman from Environmental Health Watch at our retreat in January, is off to a good start. Through Kim’s presentation on diversity, we were introduced to an organization called Rid All Green Partnership. Since the retreat, Kim and I have discussed different ways that our Sierra Group could partner with Rid All along with other related youth groups in the area and we decided to form the Urban Agriculture committee. Kim is putting together a tour of the Rid All agriculture farm for a couple of us as I write this article.

Please join Randy Moyer, Erin Jacubec, Andi Whitaker, and myself on the Urban Agriculture committee. We’d love to have a few more people working with us on the Rid All farm and with youth teams throughout the area on empowering our underserved community to bring healthy foods to their tables and to fight the environmental justice fight.

As a part of our new partnership, our first event promotion can be found here. Please join us for a night about Social Justice with several speakers, then join us the following evening for a film screening of Soul Food Junkies. See the attached file for more information, then register for this free event at Case Western Reserve University.

If you like working with kids and don’t mind getting your hands dirty, join the committee. Contact me at 440.525.4845 or via email at